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You can have anything you "choose" to have.

If I told you could have anything you want, would you believe me? You probably think its a joke, Isn't it? Well you're wrong.!!! You can have anything you "choose" to have. That's right, it's your choice. So if you're one of those people who says, I never get what I want? I don't have enough money? I can't loose weight? Generalizations, generalizations, generalizations!!! So let's take the first example; I never get what I want? What specifically is it that you want that you never get? And you could say, more money. So how much money is more money? Is it a $1000? $2000? $10,000? Be specific, how much do you want? And in how much time?

It's what you call chunking down.

Now you could very well say $1million. And I would say to you, how do you eat an elephant? One spoonful at time, is the right answer. So going back to money what would be enough money in one spoon / 3 months time? How would you specifically know that you have earned that money? Would it be in your wallet in $100 notes? A bank statement? What resources do you have to make that money?

Do you have a job and could do something to get a raise? Do you have a household budget which you could manage better? Do you have the capability, talent or qualifications to earn the money? What resources do you need to make the extra money?

It could be time, determination, upgrading your skills, learning a new skill. Now think about the steps you need to achieve this goal and the purpose of this goal. Is there anything you will gain or lose from achieving this goal. You might gain financial independence and you might lose dependence. It's important to think about what you are getting by being dependent, and are you willing to let go of that. And now that you've decided that your goal is inevitable, what affirmations could you use. It could be, this is my goal and I'm going to achieve it. Say that to yourself often and believe it. What would you notice when you achieve that goal? If you could close your eyes and imagine having achieved that goal, what would you see, hear and feel. Make the picture brighter, bigger, closer to you and more compelling. Then let it go open your eyes and tell yourself you deserve to have this goal. That's right... That's all it takes. Are you willing to give it a go? Are you willing to get into the drivers seat of your life?? You still don't believe it works??? Well, that's your choice 😊

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