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"I built my sales career from zero to become the world best motivator by using NLP"


Author of Awaken the Giant Within

"NLP gave me clarity, direction and focus to do what I valued the most."



NLP Coach

"NLP helps me to manage audiences and motivate them. It is just amazing."



The No. 1 talk show host in the world


"Charmaine worked with my team of 11 coaches to improve their communication skills when working with clients to help form a bond and build trust during their fitness sessions… [She] has made a real difference to how we approach each interaction with the people we meet and how we motivate them to be fitter, healthier and happier."






"Initially I was hesitant about life coaching as I didn't know what to expect..! However, after just a few sessions with Charmaine I was amazed as to how I was able to shift my thinking about my current dilemma. Charmaine has been fantastic to work with, helping me to achieve clarity and confidence during a period of considerable change in my life. I feel as I  have an overwhelming sense of peace and clarity and a solid idea of where I'm heading!"






"I have just completed 4 sessions with Charmaine on how to be a Confident Presenter. Being the skeptical person I am - I have to admit that I am amazed at the change I witness of myself. I am calmer, more at peace. Now, I see things in a totally different perspective.  I literally see myself as a stronger, more confident and loving person of myself. It's mind-blowing! After each session, I simply went back home to my daily routine feeling lighter and happier!"



"Charmaine helped me unpack negative unserving thoughts and fears, to help me understand that I already have all the tools I need to be successful and happy. I just needed to change my way of thinking and become more focused on what my goals were and then break down how I could achieve them. I really liked that NLP gives you anchors to draw on and not only takes away negative beliefs but replaces them each time with a positive belief giving a great sense of balance."


”Charmaine really changed my life... I really suffered before from low self-esteem, not feeling worthy of sharing who I really am, fear of being judged. And through seeing her, she's shown me how to be myself and be confident in myself...and not be afraid to show up and be seen..."


"I had a fear of flying... And I'm saying HAD very confidently now!! When Charmaine told me about NLP I had my doubts... I did not think anything could help me. After a terribly turbulent flight back from Australia, I decided I have to do something and cannot let the fear rule my life. I've suffered with it for over 10 years! After 4 sessions with Charmaine I flew to Sydney.  There was slight turbulence but I was calm and didn't react. I even slept for 2 hours!!!.. I know I sound very dramatic but she has given me my life back."





"Here’s me; 52 years old, commercially minded, skeptical and never before engaged in a similar process… You over 5 one hour sessions have allowed to me to address these blockages that were stemming from my past and allowed me to clear them and look at all aspects of life from my business to personal with an objective clarity and most importantly given me the path forward. I for once allowed myself to try and that’s all you can ask from anyone. The results are simply astonishing."





"Charmaine is an empathetic educator: tireless in her pursuit to demystify NLP for what it is and what it isn't. Her core motivation is to help those who are finally ready to help themselves. A thorough professional, she says it like it is and yes, it's infectious… 

NLP techniques are extremely effective and with a practitioner such as Charmaine, one is in safe hands. When I look back on the timeline with all its milestones, I astonish myself at not only what I have achieved but more significantly, WHO I have become. I see clearly the person I have the potential to be: Onward & Higher without the fear of '...falling off the (imaginary) charts...' 





"I cannot begin to describe what a phenomenal life coach and guide Charmaine is. When I first started NLP sessions with her, I had no idea of the journey we were embarking on together. She patiently yet firmly steered me on a wonderful path of self discovery and self realization, and taught me the understanding of perception and it's role in our lives. Needless to say, her sense of joie de vivre and infectious positivity only made the journey so much more enjoyable. "


"I heard about ‘NLP’ from my daughter and I always wondered about the effectiveness of NLP.  Now, that I’ve actually gone through it, I would describe it as ‘awesome stuff!  It created self-awareness about my vocabulary, about myself, and successfully brought a radical change in my self-image… Charmaine’s NLP techniques brought to light “my patterns of behavior”; my perceptions of reality and my beliefs. The sessions effectively endowed me with powerful tools and skills for communication; for making choices and for understanding a given situation from multiple perspectives.”





"[Through NLP] I began to realize how many deep seated beliefs I had, beliefs that were rooted in childhood conditioning and my adult experiences. Charmaine has helped me bust these beliefs with a variety of exercises- the magnanimity of these exercises and their life-altering implications never cease to amaze me. I look forward to my sessions now, for after each session I feel energized, positive and motivated."




"It truly is a cleansing and clearing experience, that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. I have not only benefited from my sessions but gained understanding and insight, that has taken matters that seem complicated and made them very simple. I'm also able to take tools given to me during my sessions, that I can apply anytime I need during the course of my day."


"Charmaine is the awareness to my NLP exposure & experience. What she had done for herself was in itself the ultimate transformation that inspired me to gravitate towards NLP. I was so inspired by my sessions with her that I signed up for a practitioner NLP course to pursue my expanding interest in this field. Nevertheless, the sessions with Charmaine was better than anything else. I find myself going back for more as she helps me with the unlayering of myself to my core in every aspect of my life. With this clearing, focus, empowerment and liberation sets in. The tools she has shared with me have gotten me through so much of my journey in life building up every step. With her expertise and love, I have dealt with my move to New York, my career change, dealing with my teenage daughters and many more. She has made me become a more adventurous and flexible person and I really go easy on myself now. She opens you up to any possibilities of being your best self and seeing each struggle as a challenge you want to overcome. It has made me subjective and resolve oriented. I have so much love for this woman, she is truly my performance coach!"





"Charmaine is a thoughtful, articulate and an extremely competent NLP practitioner. I am very lucky to have her helping me, I only wish I had met her many years ago. She is providing me with the tools I need to finally overcome my battle with the bulge. She is making me accountable & motivating me constantly to keep this journey going."






"What an incredible feeling it is to conquer a fear that has plagued me for years. Thank you Charmaine, I can now get on boats and not be an anxious mess.. I feel empowered and blessed."



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